40 Years of Apple Products Infographic

On april 1st Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary. A great time to look into the legacy of this company in the shape of an Apple products infographic with everything  ever made. The folks at Wired felt just the same and made the most detailed overview I have ever seen.

The level of detail is extraordinary as its even contains software and peripherals like the different mouses and keyboards they ever made. And you can compare it to the situation 5 years ago when Mashable made a similar infographic. Little less detail in that one.

It also makes you think about your favourite product doesn’t it? There are quite a few in there, but my favourite must be the original Macintosh. This was one of the first computer we ever had at home, and spent hours drawing and playing my first RPG’s and this awesome elevator game. Does anyone know what its called?

What does become evident by looking at this graph is how complicated the range of portable devices is becoming. Personally I feel there are a bit too many variations coming out and too little game changing products. But I’m sure that makes economic sense in the short term. But we all remember the last period when the range became this scattered. And its also pretty clear what Steve Job’s impact was when he came back in 1997. Product lines ended and others where slimmed down drastically. I wonder if this is something that should happen soon.

Check out the Apple Products infographic below and be sure to zoom in to get the full picture:

40 years of Apple products infographic by Wired