A Travel Guide To Anywhere

While the print industry is going through hard times, there are people keeping it alive through their creativity. One of these people is Magda Lipka Falck, a student at Stockholm’s design and art school Konstfack. Falck has created a universal travel guide, suitable for every kind of travel, whether you go halfway around the world or around the block you live in.

The guide consists of stories and advice that will take you to cool places no matter where you are. Advice like ‘Ask a stranger which is their favorite street. Go There.’ will surely get you to places otherwise unseen. And there’s plenty more of advice like that, as you can see in the gallery below. The advices are available printed on flash-cards so you can surprise yourself while navigating foreign places.

I really love this book. Regular travel guides usually take you to cliche places, places you can’t afford or simply don’t really care about. The originality is hard to find. This guide puts it back into your own hands, and gives you a personalized and truly unique trip. Just imagine where you’ll end up. Awesome work.

Through Cool Hunting.

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