Welcome to Subtielman. The name Subtielman was given to me during my years on the football pitch. It is an aggregation of my last name and the word subtiel. Subtle in dutch. And it turned out to be something that would define my career.

I wasn’t the most technical player, but what I lacked in tricks and strength I compensated with one key quality: passing. Through subtle passes I could split defences with my passes and score a goal every once in a while. And after a while one of my mates gave me this name and it stuck.

I believe marketing is all about subtlety as well. You have to be smart, read your audience and play to their preferences. That is why I love content marketing. It is all about telling stories in order to be relevant and inspire your audience. They shouldn’t even be aware you are selling to them. In short: You have to be subtle.

This page started as my personal blog in 2008 as a place to showcase great advertising campaigns and other things I found interesting and inspiring. Mostly fashion, design and art. In 2010 I was able to turn blogging into my work.

Over time, blogging evolved into content marketing and this is what I still do today. As mentioned earlier, I believe marketing is all about telling stories that engage you audience in the right way. It has to be informing, inspiring, funny etc. I have used my knowledge and experience in the field of content marketing as an entrepreneur to build my own company UNDSCVRD. But also for other companies as a freelancer and employee. Agencies, start-ups, multi-nationals and small businesses; I’ve worked with all of them.

Besides the blog I have made this site a place where I share my ideas about content marketing. Feel free to use the theories and frameworks I share here. And if you need help, you can always get in touch.

All the best,
Matt Tielman

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  1. Mariska

    Love your blog!

    Doe de groetjes aan Jorien!!

    xx Maris

  2. subtielman

    Thanks! Will do!