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Artists Not Armies 1

Last week I had the honors of meeting Artists Not Armies founder Alexander Tempel, and he introduced me to the label he founded: Artists Not Armies.

AnA is based on the philosophy that this world needs more artists and less armies. Instead of fighting each other and destroying culture, we should create and share. Chrystal clear message if you ask me; and the design of the first bag is just the same. The bag has been bombarded ‘the ultimate shopping bag’ by some already and it is definitely great to have around during a shopping spree. I think that its more than that though. It’ll easily hold your laptop and other daily necessities, so it can erase some boring suitcases from the eye of the public too. More products and designs will be added to the range soon.

So it’s practical, good looking and helps spread a message worth spreading. Thats what we call good design. And the goodness continues: AnA has given me 5 bags to share with you. The scheme: First come, first served. The first 5 to drop me an email will receive a bag.

Now get mailing!


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    Love it!

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