In 2001, Brendt Barbur, Founder and Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival after being hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. Instead of being deterred by this experience, it inspired him to create a festival that celebrates the bicycle through music, art, and film. Now in its ninth year the festival is held in 39 cities worldwide. 250,000 people are expected to attend this year. Pretty impressive!

The Bicycle Film Festval celebrates the bicycle in all forms and styles. If you can name it – Track Bikes, BMX, Bike Polo, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking – it’s either been ridden or screened. What better way to celebrate these lifestyles than through art, film, music and performance?

To further promote the concept, they have created a bunch great trailers:

The most recent ones:

and the first one:

Coming soon, to city near you!


  1. danceralamode

    There was one here in Los Angeles just recently. I wish there had been more advertising to a broader population and to entice a more general audience, so we might have been able to educate them on sharing the road with cyclists while entertaining them. It’s too bad, I only heard about it because I happened to be at a street fair where someone handed me a postcard. Pretty random. Anyway, BFFs are awesome! I hope they do it again in LA next year.

  2. subtielman

    You should come live in Holland! Bikelanes everywhere!! The ultimate cycling country… Shame you didnt spot the trailers earlier! But I think you’ll be there next time, right?

  3. danceralamode

    Oh absolutely! Now that it’s on my radar, I can’t wait!

  4. MarioBerg

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. Kind regards from france

  5. subtielman

    Merci bien! Thanks for letting me know that you like my stuff. Keep coming back, and help spread the word!!

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