Outlier Cycling Gear

Now that I have started about cycling: Finally there is a brand filling up the gap of good looking and practical cycling apparel. Outlier is a brand dedicated to crafting stylish apparel suited for the rigors of city riding. Founders Tyler Clemens and...
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Most of my friends know I have a thing for Army jackets. That’s why I was so happy finding this post through Valet. The good patriots at A Continuous Lean have dug up a 1941 US Military lookbook from Life Magazine archive, about which I posted earlier....
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Wetsuit Wonders …bydiddo

Ever wondered why wetsuits are always black(ish) and all look alike? Diddo did, and decided to do something about it. He took the challenge to create an alternative. With custom inks and unique printing techniques, he was able to map textures onto the...
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