Collapsus is a new take on the documentary. This 40 minute documentary, which is available online, sketches our future during what is called ‘peak oil’, the moment oil production is at its maximum. The expected effects of this on our lives and our unavoidable shift to alternative energy sources are the subject of this documentary, which is also described as an ‘energy thriller’.

Interesting, but what makes it special is that it is a ‘hybrid’ documentary. Multiple fictive characters guide the viewer through the storyline through film, animation and interactive elements. A welcome shift from the usual ‘talking heads’ telling the world is going down we see too often if you ask me.

Collapsus was created by the dutch broadcaster VPRO in collaboration with SubmarineChannel. A great project, definitely worth checking out!Have a taste with the trailer below.

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  1. Marie

    All watch this! Its a great experience. You can watch the docu/ani film, play a game and collect information about peak oil in the video blogs. Its a total new way of watching a movie online. And always good to be informed about our energy resources.


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