Creative Social Amsterdam

Yesterday I was invited by Creative Social to join their Amsterdam event and sit in on a presentation by Rafael Rozendaal. Very cool stuff.

Creative Social was founded in 2004, by Daniele Fiandaca and Mark Chalmers, as a collective of the world’s most pioneering interactive creative directors & business owners, a collective who recognized that collaborating in this digital landscape is the way that we’ll advance the industry and enjoy the life work imbalance even more. The aim from the outset has been to inspire, promote and educate the industry. Twice a year they meet up face to face, just 35 individuals each time, making it all the cooler that I was there.

The presentation I saw was by digital artist Rafael Rozendaal. An all round very inspiring guy. His fascination with online, and using it as an art platform has led to some amazing work. When Rafael has an idea, he executes it and buys a URL where this idea is hosted. This allows you to actually buy his work, making his digital art an exchangeable good, just like old school art is. Be sure to check out his work here.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there today, but who knows, maybe this humble blogger will be there next time when it is hosted in some sunny city on the other side of the world…

I’d say keep your eyes on this collective and follow what they are up to (via their blog). Trust me, it is a very interesting group of people. And check out the book they published not that long ago on the history, present and future of digital advertising.

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