How much does Darth Vader’s suit cost?

This is the kind of nerdism that I love: How much would Darth Vader’s suit cost to build today? ShadeStation has calculated it based on technology that exists today.

Think about it: prosthetics, breathing apparatus, etc. Even by today’s standard that requires some badass technology. How much do you think it is? Check out the infographic below.

Darth Vader Suit Costs

Nice piece of content which was obviously made for marketing purposes. Well executed and as a nerd I love it. However, from a content marketing perspective the point misses me. Sure, it will generate traffic. But after this initial spike, what left? And how much of that traffic will buy a pair of glasses from you? Cool thing to do, but in the long run I feel it won’t do much. Unless they are launching a Star Wars franchised collection soon…

via Mashable.