Inujirushi (Dog Brand)

InuJirushi02On Secret Forts I found this article on Inujirushi, which means Dog Brand in Japanese. Inujirushi is a Japanese manufacturer of some great leather trimmed canvas bags, which they have been doing for 50 years now (They also make the well know Japanese Hello Kitty stuff, but I think every Japanese company is obliged by law to make this stuff, so forget about his for now!).

Instead of spending their money on marketing or advertising, Inujirushi rather thrives on customer loyalty and improving their products. Over the course of 50 years they have created a large group of brand loyalists, making it , one of the first companies in the world to adapt the marketing model of the future. And, as long as they keep making good looking quality products like they do now, I am happy to help them out! For example, check out the weekender and the messenger bag below. Brilliant in all its simplicity.

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