Landmarks & Lions

As you know I am quite the bags & accessories freak. And I’m always on the look out for cool new brands. And I found one. Or better, they found me. Meet Landmarks & Lions. The brand was founded by creative mind Canyon Crosby. The brand is based on his intense longing to create, develop, and communicate my philosophy of the well-lived life. The products are the result of his creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit combined with personal travel experiences.

And the result is very nice if you ask me. Simple, functional, very well constructed items made out of the finest materials. And added to that, they also happen to look good. All you need, right? The range consists of bags and sleeves for your laptop/ iPad/ iPhone/ Kindle/ Nook. And I have heard a nice collection of leather totes is on the way. Good stuff!

Currently Canyon still makes all the products himself, but I suspect that soon he will need to scale up to meet demand.


I can give away one felt iPhone sleeve (pictured below)! So, drop me an email why your iPhone desperately needs a new sleeve (and your address etc.) and you might be the lucky one…

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