New Bellroy Wallets

My work for UNDSCVRD allows me to see the coolest bags and accessories for men. And Bellroy wallets are definitely among my favorites. Smart designs for the modern gentleman. And they look great too. They have added some cool new styles and colours to their collection. Lets have a look.


Travel Wallet

The first new style is the Travel Wallet. This one holds you passport and travel related cards and paperwork in style. It comes with a small pen so you always have one on hand when you have to fill out those annoying immigration forms. Simply smart.

Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Micro Sleeve

The Micro Sleeve is the second new addition. Don’t be fooled by its small size, because this baby carries more than you think. Easy access slots for your daily used cards, and the ones needed but not daily can be put away in the main compartment. The pull tab allows you to access these easily as well.

Bellroy Micro SleeveBellroy Micro Sleeve


Slim Sleeve

My personal favourite, the Slim Sleeve is now also available in cocoa (Micro Sleeve and Travel Wallet are both pictured in Cocoa above). A great quality leather which will age perfectly. Cant wait to see this one worn in. The Hide & Seek and the Very Small are also available in this awesome colour.

And finally the Bellroy squad have added a sweet new colour to the range: Russet. A nice deep red colourway. Slim Sleeve, Very Small and Take Out are now available in this colour too. Check out all the images below for an overview of all these new Bellory wallets and colours.

A great step for this small brand from down under. Congrats guys. Great work.

Available now on UNDSCVRD.


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