One for the ladies: After Party Shoes

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As a guy I can totally respect a pair of good high heels on a girl. However, every guy who has ever taken out a girl on high heels also knows the moaning, growning and complaining about their feet hurting after a couple of hours of partying. But no longer! Rollasole and Afterheels have both developed a vending machine selling compact ballerinas.

The machines will be placed in clubs and are both selling the shoes at about GBP 5. The only difference is that Afterheels claimes their shoe is made out of sustainable material. However, I guess when the feet hurt the ladies will not give a damn about sustainability! Nice innovation. Currently placed in the UK only, I wonder whether we wil ever see these around the rest of the world…


  1. Jorien

    You really do know were to find the stuff girls need…;) on the other hand, I can not recall that I moan when I am dancing in high heels…

  2. subtielman

    but i do…

  3. shoediva

    Great concept, but you need a vending machine at your local. I found an even better solution that you can take with you from the start! these shoes fold up and fit right in my purse, and have a fold out bag to put my pumps in. Truly a lifesaver!

  4. subtielman

    This immediatly tackles the big problem why I doubted whether we would ever see these around the world. These machines are huge investments… Good thinking!! How are you going to distribute these, besides your site?

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