Content Marketing,Project Management for Converse - via Perfect Fools

Converse Blog

As part of Converse’s overall strategy to grow an ongoing conversation with their fans through engaging content, Perfect Fools launched Converse Blog. Converse Blog focused on creative people across Europe and what they’re working on right now. Visitors where invited to contribute films and photos of their own projects and things that inspired them. Besides that, Converse produced exclusive content for the blog.

For this project I was responsible for managing the content on the blog and all its localised european versions (Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Benelux, UK). I was in charge of the content strategy, content planning and the timely delivery of content for all European versions of the blog. I also was responsible for measuring the performance and optimising the content accordingly.

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At Perfect Fools we had the opportunity to come up with concepts for Converse Blog and in many cases making them happen too. This ranged from cool short video’s to entire concepts that ended up travelling the world and winning awards.

Besides coming up with concepts, I also wrote and produced content for the blog. This meant travelling through Europe to report on sneaker launches, events and interview people. Another foundation of the blog was allowing artists from the Converse the community to shine on this platform; artists, bands, illustrators etc. This meant finding interesting community members, interviewing them and selecting work to display.

Another big part of the blog was with external content providers like Vice. I was responsible for  the quality of the content and managing the translators.

In short, this was a great project where I could combine my creative skills and become an even better project manager.