Content Marketing,Strategy for Droog Design

Content marketing training – Droog Design

For Droog Design I was hired to provide a 2 day training for the e-commerce department. The goal of the training was to improve their social media presence and to teach how to measure results via Google Analytics.

Droog Design is a renowned dutch design agency. They both design their own products and sell a curated selection of other design items through their webshop.

I was asked to provide a training for the e-commerce team focusing on content marketing. And on specifically content creation and kpi tracking. This resulted in a 2 day training.

Content creation and planning

On the first day we started with theory on making engaging content for the Droog Design community. The key here was to blend e-commerce objectives into the strategy. This included channel selection, topic generation, content production and publishing planning. After the theory in the morning we spent the afternoon making a plan. The result was a set of topics from which the team could draw inspiration to plan their content. They also made a content calendar and delegated content production among them. Basically, they where ready to go after one day.

Content kpi measurement

On the second day we focused on measuring results of their content efforts. Again, we started the day with theory and examples. We discussed key content KPI’s for Facebook, Twitter and their own website. The afternoon was spent determining the key metrics for Droog and figuring out how to calculate them. Finally we put these in a reporting structure.

After 2 days of training the Droog Design team was able to make a structured content plan. They where able to track the results of their efforts. And finally, they where able to review their work based on these measurements and improve where needed. This resulted in a strong presence on social media and the generation of valuable content.