Online PR for Nikon - via Perfect Fools

Nikon 1 Launch – Big Hands

For the launch of the new Nikon 1 camera Perfect Fools was asked to handle the reach out to bloggers and influencers throughout Europe to create buzz around the launch.

The first step in the project was defining blogger categories that could be interesting for this launch. After that we started researching the digital space for suitable bloggers, like camera enthusiasts, Nikon aficionados but also lifestyle bloggers,  who could be interested in writing about this new product and the launch campaign surrounding the launch.

After this, I managed the creation of a press kit and the writing of press releases tailored to each blogger category. The next step was reaching out to all the high profile bloggers personally, and negotiating deals with them. After we had come to an agreement we provided them with the content and helped them create great quality content.

The final step in this process was measuring the impact of our work and reporting this back to the client.