Content Marketing,Strategy for SnappCar

Content Marketing Strategy – SnappCar

SnappCar is a community driven company. Therefore content marketing is essential to success. I was in charge of setting up the European content strategy, building the team, measuring the results while maintaining my quality standard. The results: Successfully implemented this strategy in 4 countries. 10x more traffic to the blog. 400% growth of social media followers. 200% more engagement on average on social media.

Content Strategy

When I started at SnappCar there was no content strategy. Neither was there a structured way of producing and sharing content. Therefore, my first action was to write a content strategy. The overall goal was to inspire and inform our community members. After this I specified the topics that we as a brand could and should write about. Then I assigned topics to channels we had available. For each of these channels messaging was tailored depending on the audience preferences of that channel.

Finally, I determined the KPI’s for our content marketing strategy. I can’t go into specifics here, but as the technical possibilities where limited and we couldn’t track conversions. Therefore the KPI’s for all channels where engagement driven.

Building & managing the content team

The next step was to build a content team. This team was responsible for content production, sharing and monitoring. I decided to build a multi-disciplinary team consisting of people from all departments within the company; marketing, development and customer service. This way we made sure that all the company disciplines where represented in the content we produced.

After making a content calendar and production schedule with the team production could start. I also had to set up the content distribution system. I chose to use Buffer. Buffer allows you to schedule and post to all major social media platforms. It also provides KPI great tracking. A complete solution for little money. Perfect for small to medium sized companies.

Making quality content

After the first run of content was done we established a monthly rhythm. Each month we had a meeting to discuss performance and plan the content for the upcoming month. Based on the KPI’s we determined earlier we where able to continuously improve our content and learn from the behaviour of our audience.

European roll out

In januari 2016 SnappCar launched in Scandinavia and Germany. The content strategy also had to be implemented in the new countries. In general it could be rolled out unchanged. The main challenge was to set up a structure for localisation of content. We tackled this by centrally producing everything in english. This way they only had to translate content and occasionally produce locally.