Creative Direction,Project Management,Strategy for SnappCar

‘Get In’ – SnappCar International Launch Campaign

In januari 2016 SnappCar launched its carsharing brand in Sweden and Denmark. As SnappCar acquired two local competitors, the challenge was to migrate existing users and attract new users in one campaign. This resulted in the ‘Get In’ campaign.

I was in charge of the campaign strategy, creative direction and project management. The campaign went live in januari 2016 and resulted 300% growth new users sign-ups, 100% growth in car sign-ups in its first week. Online mentions increased with 1000% of which 75% where positive in nature.

Re-branding to SnappCar

As part of the international growth strategy, SnappCar acquired Danish carsharing platform Minbildinbil and Flexidrive from Sweden. Both platforms would be rebranded to the SnappCar brand in januari of 2016. A big challenge was to migrate all the existing users and use the momentum to attract as many new users as we could.

Community events

Migrating the existing users from one platform to the other, was our main challenge. On one hand its easy, as they are already sold on the concept of carsharing. On the other, change is always scary and there was a risk of losing users because of this. Therefore, a large part of our strategy was directed at preserving the existing community. Together with our local community managers we identified our key users and invited these to an event where we could personally talk them through the changes, answer questions and build trust. Managing the relationship was key here and the personal touch we put in resulted in migrating 95% of the existing user base.

‘Get In’ campaign

The market for carsharing in Scandinavia is relatively new, and therefore small. But it holds great potential. Therefore we decided that we also needed to do a big launch campaign in both Copenhagen and Stockholm to reach a large audience and to create momentum around the launch. The goal was to emphasise the positive impact of carsharing; on a financial, environmental and social level. Therefore we chose to share key insights from our community in order to illustrate the impact carsharing has. We wanted to convince people to join our community for the right reasons. This resulted in the Get In campaign which ran through different above the line media in januari 2016, produced in collaboration with Creative Team Amsterdam.

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