Creative Direction,Photography for UNDSCVRD

Product Photography – UNDSCVRD

For a webshop good product photography is essential. You have to bring your visitors as close to a physical experience as possible. While setting up my company UNDSCVRD I mastered the skills of product photography. Photography, styling and post production; I did it all.

Product Photography

Great product photography for webshops is essential in multiple ways. Personally I think product photography is one of the most important things for a webshop. Especially when you want to sell expensive products and offer a premium experience as I did with UNDSCVRD. It seems obvious, but many webshops forget this; You have to keep in mind that your visitors can not touch the product.

That is why you have to display the product in a great way. How do you do this? You have to show all the angles and features of the product. Also, you have to display the material in a way it almost becomes tactile. And finally, you need to show the relative size of the product. And all this in a consistent way.

Photography skills

It all starts with a good set up and lighting. You have to make sure the bag is well lighted and your camera settings are right. The biggest challenge usually was making the colours consistent.

Shooting all the different perspectives also requires different lighting and lenses. Shooting the products in a way that you could almost ‘feel’ the material was challenging. Buying good lenses was essential here.


Making sure the products looked good is also a challenge. The devil is in the details here. Properly filling the products so they look natural is a challenge. You also have to display the product ‘in use.’ For a bag this meant as much as filling it with everyday objects to illustrate its use.

To put the products in perspective we shot every product on a model too. This way its immediately clear to your customer how big the bag is. And it is also a great way to illustrate product featured.

Post production

After shooting all these images they had to be edited. Using Photoshop I removed the background from all the images. The reason for doing is to make sure every image on the website looks consistent. The challenge here was to do this while keeping the natural shadow of the photo. Something most clipping services can not offer.

All this ensured all product images on UNDSCVRD looked consistent and displayed the product as good as possible.

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