Property Of… Amsterdam Messenger

I while back I wrote about the opening of the Property Of… flagship store in Amsterdam. Now that the dust has settled around this opening, they have launched a special Amsterdam edition bag. As you know us Dutchies are pretty fond of our bikes. But finding a bag that is easy to go around with on your bike and that looks good can be hard to find. Meet the Amsterdam Messenger bag. It serves as a messenger bag (obviously) and doubles as a bicycle pannier. Smart design, thats for sure.

The bag is made from touch wax-treated canvas and waterproof tarpaulin to make it Dutch-climate-proof. Only 18 pieces the Amsterdam messenger will be made, so we can assume this will be an instant collector’s item. All pieces will go on sale exclusively at Herenstraat 2 starting October 15, for €238,-.

Cool stuff.

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