Notepod, Notepad

Having brilliant ideas for ihpone apps but no sketchbooks around? Lost a revolutionary ide because you can’t make sense of your scribblings on those napkins? Meet Notepod. Now notepod provides you with nice little notepad, pre-shaped as an iPhone...
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First Ever IBM Thinkpad

Check out the first of IBM’s Thinkpad notebooks… This is actually the notepad that in the late 80s / early 90s inspired an IBM researcher to name the company‚Äôs new mobile computer the ThinkPad. Inspiration is a funny thing… Through...
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MyDetour by Moleskine

MyDetour is a project by Moleskine, the producer of the oh-so-loveable notebooks. The project is dedicated to all lovers of painting, photography, illustration, writing. It’s an opportunity to share your creativity, on- and off-line: turn your Moleskine...
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