Gregory Euclide

Meet the amazing work by Gregory Euclide. I just love his work. Gregory creates little imaginative world in all kinds of surrounings. It are paintings, sculptures, reliefs. And all in one. Just have a look. It is so incredibly creative. Just look at the...
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A Peek In Tim Burton's Mind

Regular readers of this blog probably know that I am a big fan of Tim Burton’s work. Thats why I was exited when I read on Wired that his art-work is now bundled in a 434 page thick book, displaying over 1000 drawings, doodles, paintings and evocative...
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BIC pen art magic

This is BIC pen art. For real! I found it hard to believe it is true, but these drawings of Juan Francisco Casas are all entirely made with a BIC pen… Magic isn’t it? Click on the images below for a larger image so you can check out the detail....
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