Tresspass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Street art has become quite the thing in the past few years, with frontrunners like Banksy leading the pack. As a result of this, books on this topic are as common as graffiti on the wall. Tresspass seems to be different though. The editors Marc and Sara Schiller whom you might know of the street art site Wooster Collective selected work on strict criteria, one of which was that all the work had to be uncommissioned, making sure it is a true expression of the artists.

The book features 150 artists with great full color images of their work. And it is not just graffiti, but focuses on performances, social movements and protests. Set to be released later this month, on the website of publisher Taschen you can check out the first 100 pages of the book for free, and pre-order it too.

By the way, I saw ‘Exit Through The Giftshop‘ yesterday. Many of the artists in this book are also in this documentary. Definitely a must see!

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