Weekly Roundup: 5 stories to catch up on (Week 16)

Welcome to the weekly roundup of week 16 2016. Every week I read, listen to and watch loads of things. In order to share the inspiration I share the 5 best pieces of content here weekly. Saves you some time searching. Enjoy!


A legend has passed. Because you’ve probably read a lot about it, I just want to share a memory about Prince. Even though I had heard many of his songs throughout my life, it took quite a few years to really fall in love with Prince, the artist. I remember the exact moment. I was 18 years old. It was a video of him performing live, sitting on a stool on stage with just a guitar. Casually talking and at a certain point he starts playing the intro to Kiss. But instead of finishing it becomes a sort of mash-up of his songs. So effortless. So amazing. It is sad he has left us this week. But fortunately he has left us with his amazing music.

Vox Ex Machina – 99% Invisible (podcast)

This is a great podcast about a machine called the Voder. Want to know how this machine changed the outcome of the second world war and influenced electronic music and hip-hop?
Listen to the great podcast here. (duration 19.21 min)

Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself This Question Every Morning – Inc. (article)

Albert Einstein called this “the most important decision we make in our lives”. Don’t worry its simple. And I’ve been trying it for a couple of days now and it seems to work.
Read the article here.

Designing complex products – Erik K. on Medium (article)

Working in the creative industry I have quite some experience with selling ‘design’. And it can be nerve wrecking. That is why I loved the process Erik K. describes in his post. Great insights into managing complex design projects from a designer/ agency perspective.
Read the article here.

The North Korea Kim Jong Un doesn’t want you to see  – Daily Mail (photos)

North Korea fascinated me. In today’s hyper connected world it still is somewhat of a black hole. We hardly know anything about it. Photographer Michal Huniewicz took a massive risk by taking, and smuggling these photo’s out of the country. They provide a glimpse of ‘the real North Korea.
View the gallery here.

The Highest and Lowest CTR per industry – Larry Kim on Medium (article)

Yeah, to round things up this week some business numbers. In my profession everybody talks about average CTR’s of 2%. But that number says nothing really. Larry Kim has broken down the average CTR’s for 20 industries. This way you can compare yourself to your actual peers. You’re welcome.
Read the article here.