Weekly Roundup: 5 stories to catch up on (Week 17)

Week 17 has come and gone. Time for another weekly roundup. ¬†Curating the web so you don’t have to. ūüėČ Here’s the 5 most interesting stories of this week. Enjoy!

Hypervision – Kevin Kelly in Wired (article)

Kevin Kelly has been following VR since its first days. And now its about to become big. Really big. I’ve been intrigued with with lately. This is ‘the internet revolution’ of our generation. This article gives you a perfect idea of the past, present and future of this technology.
Read it here.

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Spectacle – App for Mac

Something to make life a little easier. Do you often get lost in screens on your mac? I do, and I hate it. Consider this problem solved: Spectacle allows you to easily move and resize your windows on screen with shortcuts. And its free.
Get Spectacle here

Deze 11 woorden moet ik vaker schrappen uit mijn teksten en jij ook (LinkedIn article)

A Dutch one this time. When writing articles, we all have words we use without us knowing. These words hardly ever make your text better. Being aware of these words will make your text a lot better.
Read it here (in dutch)

Portraits of the last Samurai – Fubiz (photos)

Some of the last Samurai ever pictured. Look at the amazing detail in the armour and weapons. ¬†And check out those tattoo’s. Usually I don’t like photo’s that have been coloured later. But here it doesn’t bother me at all.¬†Amazing.
View the gallery here

What makes a truly great logo? – Vox (video)

That is a good question. In this video Michael Beirut, designer of some of the most iconic logo’s ever explains. And the answer might surprise you…
Watch the video here. (4.44 min)


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