Weekly Roundup (Week 20)

Another week (ok, 2 week) another roundup! Here’s the 5 pieces of great reads/ listens/ views for this week. In this episode: The genius tip on managing hundreds of emails per day, the answer to what all those workers are doing in a coffeeshop, how trump is killing the Republican party, Star Wars and the answer to amputated pigeon feet.

A CEO’s genius tip to managing hundreds of emails per day – Inc. (read)

Every modern worker feels like a slave of their inbox some time, most of the time or even all the time. Claim your day back and get more productive with this one simple tip.
Read it here.

What is everybody working on in a coffeeshop? – Tristan de Montebello on Medium (read)

This is a I have asked myself very often too. Tristan and his friend Andrew had this question too. They decided to ask everybody in an LA coffeeshop what they were working on. Very cool results.
Read them here. 

How Trump is Killing the Republican Party – Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone Magazine

This article offers a great insight into how the republican party failed to handle Donald Trump. In short: they were arrogant and out of touch with their audience. This has been coming for years. A great and insightful read. Democrats, be warned…
Read here.

Star Wars opening sequence in James Bond Style by Kurt Rauffer

No matter how legendary the Star Wars opening sequence (with the letters) is, it’s kinda boring. Compare that to the pieces of art that open every James Bond movie. These are amazing. Motion Designer Kurt Rauffer decided to blend the best of these worlds and created an alternative opening sequence for The Empire Strikes Back. And I love it. Check it out below:

Unseen City: Wonders of the Urban Wilderness – 99% Invisible (podcast)

There is so much nature around us in cities we barely even notice it. I love the way was triggered to dig into this magic world and all its prejudices. When did charming doves become pigeons a.k.a flying rats? And whats up with their feet being amputated all the time?
Listen and find out here!

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