Why pizza places are dumb marketers

banksy letterbox sticker

I just can’t help but wonder why marketers at pizza places (and other food delivery services) are so dumb. I have pretty much ordered at all the larger local places here in Amsterdam, so there are a lot of places which have my phone number, adress and they know what I like because they know what I order.

However, they keep bombarding my letterbox with unwanted paperwaste I usually throw away right away. Besides the fact that is a waste of paper and therefore a strain on nature, this is plain stupidity, right? Why isn’t there a pizza place which applies the Amazon.com business model to create a personalized menu? Why don’t they send me personalized special offers for products that interest me, addressed to me? I offer this idea for free, and the first company to take up this business model has one customer already, I promise! Until that time I am going to keep my Banksy sticker up on my letterbox.

(If you want one, let me know. Maybe I can have a bunch printed so we can declare war on lazy, spamming delivery places!)


  1. severnyproductions

    fortunately i dont get that problem

  2. subtielman

    Tell me, how have you achieved this?!

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